Now Open Monday-Saturday.

Unplugged Saint Joseph, MO

Unplugged • 2605 Frederick Avenue  • Saint Joseph, MO • 816.279.9087

Unplugged now occupies the building at 2605 Frederick Avenue. Carrying on the traditions from the previous tenants, Cafe Acoustic, with our own twist on live music. There will always be a high demand for live music venues and Saint Joseph has always flourished in the arts. However, until now there has never been an all acoustic live venue in town. In fact, we are the only all acoustic live music venue in Northwest Missouri.

We have a great, friendly staff who is very knowledgeable in their craft. Our front room, separate from our music room, is perfect for coming in for drinks and watching local sporting events. Our back room, where the magic happens,  is now equipped with a newly built stage, PA, acoustic guitars, bass and percussion instruments. If the lights are on, so are our mics.

“I absolutely love Unplugged. When I am working on new material and have some kinks that need to be addressed, Unplugged is the best place to do so. Coming in after work for their Happy Hour, I find it very helpful to be able to grab a guitar and get on stage to play my music on a platform that allows me to practice while entertaining at the same time.”

We have various genres featured in our daily open mics. From folk & country to metal & punk, we have it all. So grab your instrument of choice, or come down and jam on one of our provided instruments and showcase your chops. You’ll be glad that you did!